IBRS - IBRS https://ibrs.com.au/component/tags/tag/146 Wed, 17 Jan 2018 06:15:34 +1100 en-gb nbowman@ibrs.com.au (IBRS) Considerations for engaging a threat intelligence service https://ibrs.com.au/component/content/article?id=8071:considerations-for-engaging-a-threat-intelligence-service&Itemid=1256 https://ibrs.com.au/component/content/article?id=8071:considerations-for-engaging-a-threat-intelligence-service&Itemid=1256 Conclusion: The challenge with handling threat intelligence is in assessing its relevance to an organisation, determining an appropriate response and then continual execution and reassessment. Consequently, the more comprehensive the threat intelligence service is, the greater the requirement for a customer to have existing, mature cyber security capability. Organisations must understand how they will use a threat intelligence service and what business benefit it will deliver to their organisation.

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