Digital nirvana a while away yet, NSW minister Dominic Perrottet laments - The Age itpro - 10 May 2015

Services online, on demand, from a government that's embraced the digital age with gusto?

Go tell it to our 3000 data-entry operators, says self-confessed smartphone addict and WhatsApp pest Dominic Perrottet, the NSW Minister for Finance and Services.

The man charged with overseeing ICT policy in the state used his address to the CeBIT technology roadshow this week to reveal how far NSW is from reaching digital nirvana.

Research by Deloitte Access Economics due out in July shows the NSW government still has 10,000 paper forms, Mr Perrottet said.


The cost of data entry, scanning, filing and storing a single form submitted 300,000 times has been estimated at $12 million and the state employs nearly 3000 data-entry operators.

NSW spends an estimated $50 million a year on postage, Mr Perrottet said. Some of those envelopes contain the 1.8 million cheques and "thousands of paper statements" the state sends out each year.

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