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Terms & Conditions

The client is governed by the terms and conditions that appear below. These terms and conditions are applicable to the monthly Intelligent Business publication (research service) as well as use of the IBRS web site. By signing an agreement to receive the research services the client will be agreeing to the terms and conditions as per this document.    

Use of Service

IBRS delivers two research offerings, The Intelligent Business publication and Management Briefing Papers.

  1. The Intelligent Business publication is delivered via email on a monthly basis in PDF format to nominated users within a client organisation. Under IBRS' fair use policy the publication may be distributed without restriction within the client organisation.
  2. Management Briefing Papers are individual documents available electronically on the IBRS website. These papers are accessible by the nominated user in each organisation only via an allocated username and password. Under IBRS' fair use policy these papers may be distributed without restriction within the client organisation.  


All research produced by IBRS remains the property of IBRS and the analyst. The user shall have the right to reproduce the research for internal (i.e. within the client organisation) information purposes. Reproduction of the research by the user for external use (e.g. PR, marketing materials) may only be done with the written permission of IBRS. 

Access to Website

IBRS will provide the client organisation access to the web site on a per user basis. The client will agree to provide relevant details of all users who will require access and if the user changes the client organisation will advise IBRS to arrange transfer of this user. Each user will be responsible for compliance to this agreement and the appropriate terms and conditions.   

Cancellation of Services

Should IBRS discontinue any of the services that the client subscribe to IBRS may propose a similar service at the same price for the client's approval.  If this proposal does not meet with the client's  approval, IBRS will remit to the Client a pro rata refund of fees for the unused portion of that service. Should the IBRS service discontinue for any reason monies already invested for the remainder of the service period as listed in the Membership renewal invoice.

Use of Client name

The client agrees to grant IBRS permission to use its name in IBRS client lists. This does not include using the clients name either in marketing collateral or as a reference site. IBRS will gain the clients permission should IBRS wish to use the clients name as a reference site.   

Client Confidential Information

IBRS agrees to keep all (if any) information provided to them by the client organisation confidential under this agreement unless consented to in written form by the client. This obligation does not apply to any information that appears in the public domain.   

Usage - Fair Use

IBRS encourages the distribution of its research within the client organisation.   


The information provided by IBRS is done so in the knowledge that they are received from reliable sources. IBRS cannot be held responsible for decisions the end user makes based on research provided by IBRS.   


IBRS guarantees that the user will receive a minimum of four new research articles and/or reviews a month. If the client does not receive the minimum four articles; this will entitle the Client to the right to cancel the service at the Client's discretion.

Client Organisation

IBRS defines the Client Organisation as the organisation listed and named on the IBRS research agreement contract, in conjunction with and joined with organisations, which may not necessarily share the same name, that are owned by the Client Organisation where the Client Organisation exercises a controlling share holding in that organisation.   

Third Party Indemnity

IBRS grants client organisations unlimited indemnity for any third party Intellectual Property claims.  

Changed Terms & Conditions

IBRS maintains the right to change these terms and conditions at anytime. The most up to date version of the terms and conditions will be available on the web site.

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