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25 January 2022: ServiceNow has recently launched ServiceNow Impact that provides AI-driven recommendations along with human-powered solutions on technical support, prescriptive guidance, preventive solutions, role-based training, curated content, and coaching using the Now Platform. Users will receive personalised recommendations on customer success, progress monitoring, platform architecture and performance management to improve their overall workflow automation.

ServiceNow’s AI is leveraged to deliver recommendations that allow users to optimise their existing ServiceNow platform, without integrating third party tools into the system. The solution also provides personal support through on-demand training, and dedicated expert teams and developer consulting depending on a user’s subscription package. 

Why it’s Important.

IBRS has observed a rise in the number of AI decision support services being integrated into workflow automation tools. Hyper-automation on decision-making processes built on top of existing workflow platforms and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions is where most organisations will obtain the quickest impact from AI - specifically machine learning (ML). Therefore, instead of investing in separate ML tools and developing custom algorithms, it may be more prudent to leverage existing SaaS platforms emerging AI and ML capabilities.

In addition, many service providers that use AI to automate workplace processes, customer journey flows and enterprise spend management continue to expand their tool’s capabilities in terms of customised solutions to address each organisation’s requirements on value acceleration. In this regard, AI will continue to maintain its essential ‘invisible’ role by recommending better workflows, which in turn drive service quality and agility.

Who’s impacted

  • CIO
  • System administrators
  • Development team leads
  • Business analysts

What’s Next?

Look for opportunities to leverage AI (and ML) from existing investments in SaaS platforms. In particular, look for how AI is being used to make recommendations on improving workflow with low-code development platforms. Bespoke AI initiatives will be less utilised in favour of AI being added to already existing SaaS applications.

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