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Tailored Thought Leadership Programs

Punching through the noise and generating more sales in the current market has become much more challenging.

You need insights for your planning: what do clients and prospects need and want, and how do they make their decisions? And you need powerful insights that will grab the attention of your target market: survey findings and infographics, trends, effective messaging and proof points… thought leadership.

IBRS have created the IBRS thought leadership program that combines both the sales and marketing insights your team needs, and the thought leadership, research and content required to get noticed in the marketplace.

What You Get

The IBRS thought leadership program allows you to select what elements of the service will work for you, either all together as a complete package or in isolation:

  • Roundtables: In-depth, high-touch peer events that people talking what matters. 
  • Webinars: Effective and economical, yet thought provoking.  Have longer-term social media impact. 
  • Surveys: Best practice data collection, backed by rigorious scientific methods to uncover powerful insights.  
  • eBook: Long-form content that guides senior tech executives through programs.  
  • Reports: Analyical studies based on surveys and interviews, that focus not just on statistics, but what the information means and what to do next. 
  • Whitepapers: Short, sharp insightful papers to on better practices.
  • Public Policy: Assistance with researching and developing core messaging of national interest.  

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