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  • <a href='/research/promotion/mind-mapping-practitioners-course' title='Mind Mapping Practitioners Course'><div class='ch-style promo-title'>Mind Mapping Practitioners Course</div></a><div class='cd-style promo-desc'>Many organisations are wanting to drive innovation, encourage creative thinking skills and boost productivity. Mind Mapping is a proven technique that helps individuals and teams improve their...</div>
  • <a href='/research/promotion/ibrs-cio-cyber-and-risk-network' title='IBRS CIO Cyber &amp; Risk Network'><div class='ch-style promo-title'>IBRS CIO Cyber &amp; Risk Network</div></a><div class='cd-style promo-desc'>Register your interest in the new IBRS networking service for CIOs, CIO Cyber &amp; Risk Network. Introduction Not all Australian organisations are fortunate enough to have a Chief Information Security...</div>
  • <a href='/research/promotion/client-testimonial-independent-australian-and-relevant' title='Testimonial Accor Advantage Plus'><div class='ch-style promo-title'>Testimonial Accor Advantage Plus</div></a><div class='cd-style promo-desc'>As a CIO I need advice quickly that is relevant to my organisation and the decisions I need to make. IBRS has proven over the years to be an ever reliable resource when it comes to independent...</div>
  • <a href='/research/promotion/client-testimonial-extended-capability' title='Testimonial Essential Energy'><div class='ch-style promo-title'>Testimonial Essential Energy</div></a><div class='cd-style promo-desc'>Topics such as security, licencing, pencil reviews and others have provided an extended capability to our team. Essential Energy contracted IBRS to provide a safe &amp; supportive environment for our...</div>
  • <a href='/research/promotion/client-testimonials' title='Testimonial South Australian Government'><div class='ch-style promo-title'>Testimonial South Australian Government</div></a><div class='cd-style promo-desc'>We started working on a large transformation program about 2.5 years ago and a colleague suggested that we get in touch with IBRS. What impressed me from the start was the responsiveness of the team...</div>
  • <a href='/research/promotion/the-top-business-technology-priorities-for-2018' title='The top business technology priorities for 2018'><div class='ch-style promo-title'>The top business technology priorities for 2018</div></a><div class='cd-style promo-desc'>Conclusion: While there was significant media attention on artificial intelligence and blockchain in 2017, the primary concerns of Australia’s CIOs remain focused on the more pressing issues of...</div>

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  • <a href='/ibrs-iq/can-ibrs-provide-some-advice-on-video-platform-cms-products-in-the-market' title='Can IBRS provide some advice on Video Platform CMS products in the market?'><h3 class='ch-style'>Can IBRS provide some advice on Video Platform CMS products in the market?</h3></a>
  • <a href='/ibrs-iq/does-ibrs-have-any-experience-recommendations-for-o365-backup-approaches' title='Does IBRS have any recommendations for O365 backup approaches?'><h3 class='ch-style'>Does IBRS have any recommendations for O365 backup approaches?</h3></a>
  • <a href='/ibrs-iq/does-ibrs-have-a-template-for-the-position-of-security-architect' title='Does IBRS have a template for the position of Security Architect?'><h3 class='ch-style'>Does IBRS have a template for the position of Security Architect?</h3></a>
  • <a href='/ibrs-iq/can-ibrs-recommend-some-readings-in-relation-to-enterprise-architecture-for-2020-particularly-in-relation-to-government-services' title='Can IBRS recommend papers on enterprise architecture for 2020 particularly in government services?'><h3 class='ch-style'>Can IBRS recommend papers on enterprise architecture for 2020 particularly in government services?</h3></a>

In the News

New data breach notification scheme will be a barometer for business maturity - AFR -12 March 2018

Do not mistake cyber security for being merely a technical discussion about IT problems to be fixed. Cyber security is now, and always has been, purely a response to risk. The risks have changed...

The Future of Work: The Role of People - Adobe - 31 Jan 2018

The Future of Work: The Role of People Foreword by Joseph Sweeney, IBRS Advisor For the past 30 years, organisations have applied technology to people to make the workplace more productive. But...

Businesses unprepared for new data breach notification laws - AFR - 29th January 2018

Thousands of Australian small businesses remain woefully unprepared for the introduction of new laws that will require them to publicly disclose if their customers' data is breached by hackers or...

Intel chip meltdown flaw shows new vulnerability - AFR - Jan 5th 2018

Cyber security experts have warned the long-term implications of chip vulnerabilities nicknamed Spectre and Meltdown discovered by researchers this week are still unknown, despite it appearing that...

Business experience should help parents keep kids safe online - AFR - 28th Nov 2017

The adults in the lives of young people need to know more about security and safety in an online world and they could be learning this at work The Office of the eSafety Commissioner deals with some...

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