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  • <a href='/research/promotion/testimonial-metro-melbourne-local-government' title='Testimonial Metro Melbourne Local Government'><div class='ch-style promo-title'>Testimonial Metro Melbourne Local Government</div></a><div class='cd-style promo-desc'>I have utilised IBRS Advisory Services for a nearly 10 years now because of the range of independent and insightful research they undertake and which has real relevance to organisations operating in...</div>
  • <a href='/research/promotion/promotion-axicom' title='Testimonial Axicom'><div class='ch-style promo-title'>Testimonial Axicom</div></a><div class='cd-style promo-desc'>IBRS’s expert advisors have time and again proven invaluable in informing our decisions and strategies across ICT and supporting us when we have a critical deliverable. The breadth and depth of...</div>
  • <a href='/security-risk/improving-your-organisation-s-cyber-resilience' title='Improving your organisation’s cyber resilience'><div class='ch-style promo-title'>Improving your organisation’s cyber resilience</div></a><div class='cd-style promo-desc'>Conclusion: Cyber security and data privacy are currently hot topics at both executive and board levels and security incidents feature in the media on an almost weekly basis. CIOs and executive...</div>
  • <a href='/governance-planning/when-does-a-project-need-to-be-rescued' title='When does a project need to be rescued?'><div class='ch-style promo-title'>When does a project need to be rescued?</div></a><div class='cd-style promo-desc'>Conclusion: When projects start to show early signs that they may be in trouble, it is easy to have a knee-jerk reaction and address the most visible symptom. However, it is critical that CIOs and...</div>
  • <a href='/research/promotion/ibrs-cio-cyber-and-risk-network' title='IBRS CIO Cyber &amp; Risk Network'><div class='ch-style promo-title'>IBRS CIO Cyber &amp; Risk Network</div></a><div class='cd-style promo-desc'>Register your interest in the new IBRS networking service for CIOs, CIO Cyber &amp; Risk Network. Introduction Not all Australian organisations are fortunate enough to have a Chief Information Security...</div>
  • <a href='/research/promotion/client-testimonials' title='Testimonial South Australian Government'><div class='ch-style promo-title'>Testimonial South Australian Government</div></a><div class='cd-style promo-desc'>We started working on a large transformation program about 2.5 years ago and a colleague suggested that we get in touch with IBRS. What impressed me from the start was the responsiveness of the team...</div>

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  • <a href='/ibrs-iq/government-cyber-security-framework' title='Government cyber security framework'><h3 class='ch-style'>Government cyber security framework</h3></a>
  • <a href='/ibrs-iq/trends-in-technology-for-next-decade' title='Trends in technology for next decade'><h3 class='ch-style'>Trends in technology for next decade</h3></a>
  • <a href='/ibrs-iq/can-ibrs-help-us-understand-ms-365-licensing-and-microsoft-options-for-remote-access' title='Can IBRS help us understand MS 365 licensing and Microsoft options for remote access?'><h3 class='ch-style'>Can IBRS help us understand MS 365 licensing and Microsoft options for remote access?</h3></a>
  • <a href='/ibrs-iq/does-ibrs-have-any-data-about-the-running-licensing-costs-of-ms-dynamics-crm-365' title='Does IBRS have any data about the running/licensing costs of MS Dynamics CRM 365?'><h3 class='ch-style'>Does IBRS have any data about the running/licensing costs of MS Dynamics CRM 365?</h3></a>

In the News

What should be in Australia’s next cyber security strategy? - Computer Weekly - 10 Feb 2020

Peter Sandilands, an advisor at analyst firm IBRS, called the discussion paper “a pre-judged survey” that is mostly looking for answers. He also questioned if the resulting recommendations would be...

How Do You Choose The Best Application Environment For Your Business? - WHICH-50 - 8th October 2019

According to a new IBRS study, spend on enterprise solutions is set to increase in 2019-2020. Both IT and line of business buyers need to consider how they manage procurement of these new solutions...

The pros and cons of shadow IT In today’s business world - WHICH-50 - 23 July 2019

Shadow IT sounds like a covert — quite possibly dark — force. And to some people it may well be. But the truth is both far simpler and more complex. According to Cisco, Shadow IT is the use of...

Busting The Three Big Cloud Myths - WHICH-50 - 11 June 2019

Organisations that are resisting the shift to cloud computing are often basing their decisions on common misconceptions around security, price and integration. That’s a key finding in a recent...

ANZ business users calling the shots in ICT decisions

Conducted by Australia’s Intelligent Business Research Services (IBRS) and commissioned by TechnologyOne, the survey of 261 business leaders in ANZ has shown that business functions are having more...

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