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The coming year will see business intelligence (BI) tools move out of the IT department and filter into the rest of the enterprise.

Business intelligence tools are typically seen as powerful means to reveal useful insights for a business about its operations and its customers. But traditionally the use of these tools require a very specific skillset; more often than not, they are used by “a very small subset of folks” within an organisation, according to Mark Koh, a senior industry analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

Not for much longer; Koh predicts that 2015 will see the ‘democratisation’ of BI tools - the spread of these tools out of the confines of the IT department and data-focused business units and into the hands of the general populace. This is thanks to the emergence of BI tools that don’t require the specialist skillsets that traditional tools do.

“The recent trend you’re seeing with the success of [data visualisation vendor] Tableau and a few others - deeper discovery tools that are coming out - I think this will be the trend in the short term,” Koh says.

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