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A Restructure May Not Be the Best Option

ICT restructures can have significant benefits for organisations, but they bring significant costs and risks, which may well outweigh those benefits. IBRS identifies alternative approaches, and CIOs should ensure that a restructure is really the best option before committing to that path.

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Benefits Realisation and Management: A Simple Approach for ICT and Digital Projects – Webinar And Presentation Kit

Effective benefits management is pivotal for project success, validating the investment made; however, shifts in project parameters like scope, schedule, and resources can impede anticipated benefits. By addressing common pitfalls and offering strategies for adaptability, this session equips project leaders with the tools to uphold alignment between project objectives, benefits, and delivery.

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CIOs and Their Role in the Education Sector

The evident gap between higher education’s deliverables and the IT industry’s demands underscores the need for CIOs to intervene in the Australian education sector directly. How can collaboration revolutionise the next generation of local IT professionals?

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