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Introduction to User Experience Research Practices for IT Teams

User experience research is crucial because when design neglects end-user input, it can hinder product adoption. In the digital realm, inadequately researched online designs and interfaces lead to user frustration and abandonment. The question for IT teams is: How can we ensure user-centric design to optimise digital experiences and prevent user dissatisfaction?

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The Future of Shared Services

Explore the future of shared services and the impact of SaaS in this insightful IBRS Special Report. Stay ahead of the game and ensure your organisation’s success in the digital era.

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Making the Most Out of Work Intelligence

Work intelligence blends human and AI capabilities to enhance organisational processes and foster continuous improvement. A clear vision, collaboration, learning, ethics, and feedback are crucial components. How can your organisation effectively harness the synergy between human intuition and AI’s computational power for optimal results and adaptability?

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What Work Will be Transformed?

AI and Workforce Transformation in the Asia-Pacific Region

The future workforce in ANZ and the Asia Pacific region will undergo significant changes due to AI adoption, leading to cost optimisation and differentiation. Job roles will transform, emphasising automation and human skill augmentation. For CIOs in this evolving landscape, how are you preparing to upskill and reskill your workforce effectively?

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Careless Talk – Why Water Cooler Sessions Are Not Social Events

Water cooler sessions offer opportunities for teams to participate in casual conversations among their fellow employees. Yet, many members of the organisation are less engaged in such discussions. What keeps them from participating, and what can be done to increase attendees’ willingness and sustain their interest?

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