A fascinating advantage of the public cloud is the extremely high availability of the data (at least in theory!). From any device, from any Internet connection, I can surf to a site, provide my credentials, and access data. We are so used to webmail that we can be nonchalant
about this, but it is quite extraordinary. The trouble is, if the data is highly accessible to you when you are on any device on any Internet connection, then it is accessible to other people from any device on any Internet connection.

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James Turner

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James Turner

James Turner is an IBRS emeritus Advisor who specialised in cyber security and risk and facilitates the CIO Cyber and Risk Network on behalf of IBRS. James has over a decade of experience as an industry analyst and advisor; researching the cyber security industry in Australia. As an IBRS Advisor, James authored over 100 IBRS Advisory papers, led dozens of executive roundtables, and presented at numerous conferences.