Back when I was at university, I had two particularly interesting lectures in the same week; one from the school of management, and one from the school of marketing. What made them so interesting was the timing as well as the content of the two lectures. Management said, “perception is not reality”. Marketing said, “perception is reality”. (I agree with both statements.)

Management said that just because I felt a certain way about a situation, my feeling didn’t make my opinion the truth. Perception is not reality. Marketing said that even if you have the best product, if the consumers think another product is better, then the other product is better! Perception is reality.

Which brings me to the consumerisation of IT and mobile devices.

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James Turner

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James Turner

James Turner is an IBRS emeritus Advisor who specialised in cyber security and risk and facilitates the CIO Cyber and Risk Network on behalf of IBRS. James has over a decade of experience as an industry analyst and advisor; researching the cyber security industry in Australia. As an IBRS Advisor, James authored over 100 IBRS Advisory papers, led dozens of executive roundtables, and presented at numerous conferences.