Up to this point I’ve been a supporter of data breach notification. Coming at the issue as an industry analyst, I think that transparent information on the local experience of data breaches (such as what information is targeted by attackers, how much it costs a company to deal with a breach, the frequency of breaches, the avenues of attack, and so on) would be extremely valuable to the industry as a whole. This is the luxurious, wide-angle, perspective which is expected of an industry analyst.

Then a story such as the hacking of Verisign comes along. In October 2011, Verisign disclosed in a quarterly report to the SEC that: “The occurrences of the attacks were not sufficiently reported to the Company’s management at the time they occurred for the purpose of assessing any disclosure requirements.”

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James Turner

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James Turner

James Turner is an IBRS emeritus Advisor who specialised in cyber security and risk and facilitates the CIO Cyber and Risk Network on behalf of IBRS. James has over a decade of experience as an industry analyst and advisor; researching the cyber security industry in Australia. As an IBRS Advisor, James authored over 100 IBRS Advisory papers, led dozens of executive roundtables, and presented at numerous conferences.