Conclusion: Security awareness campaigns are essential for educating staff on security behaviours. However without staff engagement, these campaigns can fail to change behaviour – and behavioural change is the only outcome that really matters. Instead of continually focusing on security for the work environment, start focusing on esafety and educate staff on how to protect themselves in their online lives outside work. This has the benefit of informing staff on many of the risks that they can face personally, as well as educating them on practices and technologies that can help. Training staff on esafety also has the additional benefit of being the right thing to do and demonstrates corporate social responsibility.

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James Turner

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James Turner

James Turner is an IBRS emeritus Advisor who specialised in cyber security and risk and facilitates the CIO Cyber and Risk Network on behalf of IBRS. James has over a decade of experience as an industry analyst and advisor; researching the cyber security industry in Australia. As an IBRS Advisor, James authored over 100 IBRS Advisory papers, led dozens of executive roundtables, and presented at numerous conferences.