Cyber & Risk

Understanding cyber security has never been as critical as it is today. 

The importance of having cyber security and risk mitigation strategies is now well-embedded in the corporate conscience, with more and more senior executives required to know their exact security posture and how to respond in the event of an incident.

In a complex world where new threat vectors appear almost daily, organisations must be ready. How well prepared are you? 

IBRS can help organisations understand how resilient their systems are, develop incident response plans and get the right policies in place to ensure compliance with the most rigorous of security standards. 

Changing business processes and systems to comply with legislative requirements is a major hidden cost in the public and private sector. Ironically, it is also one of the least referenced in the research literature.

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SPAM is a terrible problem, from cutting productivity, threatening security, offending the morals of millions, planting doubt in the most macho man, and just irritating anyone with email. 2003 has seen many headlines about SPAM and how companies and governments are going to tackle it head on.

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We touched briefly last month on our approach to security and its role in protecting the network from external attack. It is equally essential that clearly stated network policies and procedures, both for internal users and other external stakeholders on projects who require network access, be rigorously applied. Our policies are, visibly endorsed by the Chief Executive Officer and published on the company Intranet. They are designed to protect the enterprise by ensuring that the data on the network is appropriate to the business, network performance is not compromised in any way and the possibilities of virus infection are minimised.

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