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With the outbreak and continued spread of the recent Coranavirus, or COVID-19, your business continuity plan (BCP) may need to be put in motion.

IBRS has created the Business Continuity Planning: Pandemic Scenario template to test your BCP using the potential COVID-19 pandemic.

Download and use this template to ensure your organisation is well prepared.

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Peter Bickerton

About The Advisor

Peter Bickerton

Peter Bickerton is an IBRS advisor covering strategy, program and project governance, developing and critiquing business cases and reviews. Peter is an experienced program board executive in enterprise ICT transformations across business development and national infrastructure replacements.  Peter is an executive mentor and coach improving workplace environments and maximising productivity and improving key stakeholder relationships. Peter has held senior executive positions including CIO and Deputy CEO in both operational and service delivery roles in the Federal Government as well as twenty years of experience in law enforcement both overseas and in Australia.