Desktop virtualisation is no longer the hottest topic in the media, however it still gets considerable interest from IT executives. As part of a series of roundtables that I am running on “The Evolution of the Desktop” I have just finished speaking to 28 IT executives on this topic. From these conversations it is clear there is still a strong interest in finding a better way to deliver the desktop that both reduces the TCO and increases agility. That is, simplifies remote access, enables business continuity and speeds up deploying new desktop applications.

The centralised virtual desktop, commonly known as VDI (which was VMware’s product name), was once considered a promising way to achieve these goals. However many IT organisations have discovered that simply moving the desktop into the data centre does not solve the real problem which is the management of the desktop image (the operating system, applications and data). Leading organisations are now recognising that it is necessary to radically change the way they build the desktop image so that the management costs and problems can be radically reduced.

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