Conclusion: With climate change a hot social issue, organisations with a “Social Responsibility” strategic objective are looking at ways to reduce their environmental impact and the IT organisation, like other areas of business, is expected to find ways to reduce their carbon foot print.

The data centre is a prime target for a few “quick wins” because in most organisations it houses a significant proportion of IT resources, and it is the area over which IT has the greatest control. IT organisations should start with short-term initiatives that are self-funding (i.e., payback period < 12 months) and which can be accomplished with little or no capital investment. With server 3-years power and cooling costs now comparable to server acquisition costs, Infrastructure Managers must look at optimising data centre energy efficiency.

In the last 18 months, many hardware vendors have jumped on the Green IT bandwagon to try and differentiate their offerings in a rapidly commodifying market. IT organisations must carefully evaluate vendors’ claims to separate the marketing hype from the reality. Purchase agreements or tender requests for ICT goods and services should explicitly require vendors to demonstrate how and where their products meet the buyer’s environmental requirements1.

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