VENDORiQ: Fuelling Real-Time Collaboration Between Advertisers and Publishers

Adobe’s latest offering adds the critical component of collaboration to its CDP

The Latest

Adobe has launched a real-time, customer data platform (CDP) collaboration feature for publishers and advertisers. Built as an application service on top of the Adobe Experience Platform, it is a completely new tool with data collaboration capabilities embedded directly into the CDP.

Why it’s Important

With the launch of the Real-Time CDP Collaboration, Adobe has added the critical functionality of data collaboration to customer data management in a cookieless world, thereby taking the tool to the next level.

While CDPs have helped marketers create a single view of the customer, adding the power of collaboration with partners to incorporate their intelligence goes a step ahead. It provides a single understanding of the customer.

The tool now enables advertisers and publishers to collaborate in a neutral, privacy-safe, and centralised environment to discover new customers and match their audiences, regardless of their technology stacks.

Publishers can securely activate and access advertiser segments across multiple channels and scale reach faster using look-alike modelling and identity partners. Advertisers can target their desired audience across premium inventory while leaving out already-converted audiences. A secure activation workflow will lead to efficient spending and message relevance.

Publishers and advertisers can use collaborative and easy-to-use tools to measure ad impact. They can also share campaign performance with brands to aid them in improving ads, and advertisers can better understand audiences.

Who’s Impacted

  • Marketers
  • Customer experience professionals
  • Data analysts

What’s Next

Many organisations have fragmented and ageing marketing solutions, which make working with real-time data difficult if not outright impossible. Even if adopting the expanded Adobe platform, there will remain a need to ensure integration with legacy systems.

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