Conclusion:A prerequisite of a business case is that all the variables are covered; the forecasts of likely outcomes along with the returns on investment and the processes to manage the venture are classified and described. In so doing, risk is averted or minimised, although there may be occasions when a proposed venture is so large a degree of faith in a business forecast is just as influential as the logic or rationale contained in the business case.

As News Corporation emerged became the third largest digital media player in the US in 2005, its approach to managing online strategic investments offer an interesting insight into its strategic direction. For instance the corporation is now committed to digital media to produce a new growth channel as its newspaper businesses suffer decline.

Few mangers will face the scale of what News has done but two useful messages emerge. Firstly, catching up with the early movers is prudent because the risks associated with catching up with them decrease over time. Secondly, management needs to take steps to ensure that a new initiative works across the entire organisation, that is, it produces benefits for most operating divisions. In the case of News, to take a military analogy: they have boosted their right flank and hoped the left can survive – for the time being.

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