Conclusion:The IT Contribution Model is the latest measurement performance model to be offered to managers in evaluating IT investment. Professors Marc J. Epstein and Adriana Rejc have created a highly abstract and all inclusive model of processes to classify and measure the role of IT in business outcomes, with a reference to profitability.

The quality of the model, however, and the argument to sustain it, is diminished by: the high level of generality and abstraction i.e. IT strategy as an input variable; and a naïve mechanistic explanation of the causal relationship between applied resources and economic results. The conceptual underpinning is not helped either by basic errors of logic, such as the expounded procedure to determine a metric which is circular and a formal tautology and cannot be used to derive what it lamely wishes.1 This inept thinking is compounded by the equally lazy use of these adjectives: ‘critical’, key’ and ‘careful’, to explain various aspects in the creation of the model’s implementation.

Managers are already obliged to do many of the things the Model offers, albeit at a lower scale, and not necessarily finding the linkage between IT investment and overall profitability. The IT Contribution Model is a conceptual system or engine for making a measurement although systems, such as this model, do not validate its own results, regardless of its own coherence.

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