Digital Adoption Platforms – Webinar And Presentation Kit

Using Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs) effectively means finding a smart way to combine innovation and risk control. Let's explore practical steps for intelligent DAP implementation.

In November 2023, Mark Unwin hosted a webinar on ‘Digital Adoption Platforms: Rethinking Training’ where he provides guidance to organisations who are using or planning to use DAPs to enhance internal and external customer experience. He highlights the deployment value of DAP and shares a practical framework to address DAP implementation for organisations.

In today’s digital landscape, organisations must navigate the intricacies of customer engagement and digital product adoption. Enter DAPs, Cloud-based solutions that empower organisations to enhance their customers’ digital experiences. These platforms offer a comprehensive suite of tools, including step-by-step guidance, in-app support, walkthroughs, help widgets, tooltips, etc. This webinar delves into the strategic implementation of DAPs, illuminating how these tools can significantly increase user engagement, drive adoption, and bolster retention rates while providing crucial assistance to even the most vulnerable users.

Watch the webinar and download your presentation kit to unlock the full potential of DAPs in your organisation’s digital journey.


Presentation Kit

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