Conclusion: In the mid-nineties online marketing and e-commerce pioneer, Dave Carlick would often say that the Internet offered “a new bargain between consumers and marketers”. He meant that information was more readily accessible and that made prices easier to compare. Being able to obtain more information about goods and prices is one of the benefits of the Web to consumers.

In a channel environment where mainstream media is strong in securing audience reach, the Web seems to offer no additional advantages. Yet, coverage of an audience market is one part of the communications effort; something a stalwart of mass media, the chairman of Australia’s second largest media-buying company, affirmed recently.1

Whether used commercially, or in transacting ideas, the art of persuasion is critical for success. But it’s here that Dave Carlick’s observation is acute because, in part, information can be compared easily. The editorial control is solely with the publisher; the cost of distributing the message is miniscule; and further contact and action may be initiated.

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