Conclusion: Mergers and acquisitions are an everyday occurrence in today’s business and public sector environment, where companies are bought and sold and agencies merged and de-merged to meet the government’s agenda. Whilst business leaders and ministers stress the expected benefits to clients, the impact on critical back office activities such as IT systems and infrastructure integration, rarely makes the headlines.

What is important in mergers or acquisitions is they be implemented with no unplanned business disruptions and, if likely they are likely to occur, stakeholders (staff, suppliers, clients and legislators) alerted well in advance, Similarly it is important, after the disruption has ceased, that the same people be thanked for their forbearance.

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Alan Hansell

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Alan Hansell

Alan Hansell is an emeritus IBRS advisor who focused on IT and business management. Alan specialised in critiquing and commenting on IT and business management trends, ways to justify and maximise the benefits from IT-related investment, IS management development and the role of the CIO. Alan has extensive experience in IT management, consulting and advising senior managers in matters related to IT investment. He was a Director in Gartner's Executive program and adviser to over 50 CIOs and business managers and before joining Gartner a consultant with DMR Group. He also worked as an IS professional, manager and industry consultant for IBM for nearly 30 years. Alan is a CPA and Associate of Governance Institute of Australia.