Conclusion: A website that is underperforming, certainly in terms of the expectations that an organisation may have had for it, could be called loss-making. Not all websites generate revenue in one way or another but many organisations want their sites to demonstrate returns, whether that is in contact with site users, public relations, or just awareness of the site itself.

There are many tools and techniques to measure, and thereby improve the performance of a site: one of these is usability. These techniques will deal with the execution of site structure and content. As valuable as these techniques may be, if a site is loss making it may be that the root cause lies in the initial planning i.e. that the site does not match the strategy or the expectations that were in place when it was developed.

Organisations with underperforming web site must adopt business process re-engineering principles and redesign it and redesign the aims of the site. Return to the strategic plan – if one exists – and reset objectives. Do this planning once the site has been measured and assessed to obtain a thorough overview of the site’s current performance.

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