Conclusion: Many organisations have two business strategies – an actual strategy and an espoused strategy.For IT managers this creates a major problem because these actual and espoused strategies can be very different. If the IT managers align IT systems and processes to the organisations espoused business strategy they will almost certainly make inappropriate IT investments in terms of the actual business strategy.

Recently I found one example where business executives said their organisation was aiming for product / service innovation while the IT manager was implementing an architecture aimed at overall cost leadership. These two different business strategies require completely different systems portfolios supported by equally different IT architectures. In this case the IT manager and the business executive were heading for an inevitable disagreement – one the IT manager was going to loose.

IT managers need to work with business managers to uncover their actual business strategy. To do this IT managers and business managers need to become familiar with a new set of concepts – ones that help business managers uncover the gap between what organisations would like to be and what they really are.

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