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 IBRS found the following vendors had a sustainable solution, ie local support, value for money and met functional requirements:
•Nimblex based in Melbourne with local development team and a configurable (not customised) solution
•Open Windows with a large Local Government client base and local development / support in Melbourne
•Agiloft with a Sydney office and development based in NZ
•Gatekeeper which has a Sydney office, with local support. It is owned by Cinergy UK and Its user base is primarily outside Australia.
IBRS conducted the market scan, evaluation of responses and developed the demonstration assessment criteria. An RFI was developed which included IBRS' high level evaluation criteria for vendors and demonstrations were arranged which typically took 90 minutes.
IBRS found the responses of other vendors to the RFI was patchy and did not recommend proceeding to demonstration..
What surprised IBRS was the moderate pricing for the licence, implementation.and hosting services. 
Pricing was typically based on number of contracts and seats and ranged from $50K to $155K pa (30 users).
Nimblex was chosen which quoted one of the lowest prices.

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