VENDORiQ: Adobe Firefly Enhances Control of AI-Generated Content

Discover Adobe's latest update on its Firefly artificial intelligence (AI) tool.

The Latest

Adobe has updated its Firefly artificial intelligence (AI) tool through two new concepts – structure reference and style reference. Launched in March 2023, Firefly is a generative AI tool that allows users to create images, text effects, and other visual assets using text prompts. It is built to integrate directly into workflows that Adobe customers use daily such as Adobe Express, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign.

Why it’s Important 

By leveraging structure reference and style reference, Adobe enables users to leverage existing images to precisely control the composition and layout of AI-generated content, leading to more consistent and usable results for creative applications.

Structure reference enables users to apply the size, shape, and arrangement of elements from an existing reference image to the AI-generated image. This helps reduce the randomness and unpredictability of text-to-image generation.

By using structure reference, users can generate multiple image variations that maintain the same overall composition and layout as the reference image. This gives them more control over the final output.

Structure reference can be combined with style reference, which allows users to match the visual style (colours, lighting, textures, etc.) of a reference image. This provides a powerful way to precisely control both the structure and aesthetics of the generated image.

Examples of how structure reference can be used include redesigning a room by using a photo as a reference, transforming children’s drawings into photorealistic images, and colourising black and white photos while maintaining the original composition.

Though a powerful AI tool, natural language can be uncertain. For example, it still has a degree of challenge with subjective descriptions, such as modern or beautiful. AI models that are trained on real-world image data have bias. For example, Firefly retains a degree of stereotyping for people and professions without explicit prompts.

Firefly also shows limitations when it comes to fine-grained control with respect to certain image elements such as colour variations and exact object placement. As it is not fully automated, there is a need for human intervention.

Although Adobe Firefly has its share of challenges and limitations, it shows how AI will redefine creativity in the future. The extensive adoption of Firefly will hinge on how the challenges are addressed by Adobe.

Who’s Impacted

  • Graphic design teams
  • Marketing teams
  • Content teams
  • eCommerce teams

What’s Next

To generate relevant and extraordinary content, users must write the right AI prompt. The prompt must be descriptive, original, specific, and empathetic.

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