VENDORiQ: Cisco Launches New Security and AI Capabilities

Uncover the potential game-changing benefits of Cisco's enhanced security and AI capabilities for enterprise network management and cybersecurity.

The Latest

February 2024: Cisco unveiled new capabilities in networking and security solutions in managing complex networks through:

  • Deeper integrations between Cisco networking and security Cloud platforms with Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN and ThousandEyes.
  • Enterprises can use security posture reports for comprehensive details available in Cisco Cyber Vision.
  • View and manage select Catalyst wireless devices in the Meraki dashboard.
  • Support applications with less infrastructure through Cisco X-Series Direct.
  • Accelerate AI/machine learning (ML) deployments through Cisco Validated Designs and UCS-X Series Direct.

Why it’s Important

Cisco’s recent acquisitions allow it to integrate solutions that improve its services. For example, ThousandEyes and Accedian in the new platform will enhance network visibility, which is one of Cisco’s limitations. Security of operational technology (OT) has also been difficult to achieve given the breadth of technology and protocols deployed globally. If Cisco Vision delivers what is promised, IBRS predicts that this will be a game changer for OT security.

While its Splunk integration remains to be determined, the current platform offers similar capabilities in terms of threat detection and prevention, especially across hybrid and multi-Cloud environments. In particular, we have yet to determine if Cisco’s Talos can be used to successfully complement the threat intelligence needs in the security operations centre (SOC) modernisation performed by Splunk.

Who’s Impacted

  • CISOs
  • Security teams
  • IT teams

What’s Next?

  • Assess the current status of your organisation’s defence against ransomware and identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current approach.
  • Evaluate your enterprise’s current network visibility.
  • Complete a risk analysis exercise on the potential impact on productivity and profit from a ransomware attack on your organisation.
  • Develop a roadmap to improve the organisation’s posture against ransomware, adopting a defence in depth approach.

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