The Latest

11 May 2021: Jamf is a market leader in Apple iOS device management, with a strong presence in education. It has announced its intention to acquire the zero-trust end-point security vendor Wandera. 

Why it’s Important

Vendors in the device management have two options for continued growth: add new services and grow horizontally within their market (as in VMWare), or specialise in increasingly niche areas. Jamf has remained firmly entrenched in providing Apple device management, so it is a niche (though important) player in device management. Its acquisition of Wandera, hot on the heels of its purchase of Mondad, will broaden its base and help cement its position against the broader players. 

Who’s impacted

  • End user computing/digital workspace teams
  • Security teams

What’s Next?

Globally, the move to working from home saw an uplift in Apple products being connected to enterprise (work) environments. Citing IDC, Jamf reports the penetration of macOS in 2019 was around 17%, and during 2020 this increased to 23%. In addition, globally 49% of smartphones connecting to work environments remain iOS, though this is slightly lower in Australia, where Android has gained small market share in a tight market last year. 

The challenge with supporting a mixed device ecosystem (Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Chrome) is now more than just securing the end-point, but the entire information ecosystem. VPNs in particular proved difficult to scale and adapt to a myriad of end points. The need to patch reliability and manage software also becomes significantly difficult due to differing rates of change, patch cycles and tools needed. 

Jamf’s acquisition of Wandera will not eliminate these challenges completely, but will at least simplify the Apple slice of the situation. 

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