VENDORiQ: Oracle Recognised as a Certified Strategic Hosting Provider

The Latest

24 May 2022: Oracle has recently been recognised by the Digital Transformation Agency as a certified strategic hosting provider, the highest level of assurance which permits the Australian government to specify strict ownership and control conditions. The company now joins other accredited Cloud providers in Australia such as Microsoft, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Sliced Tech, AUCloud, and Vault Cloud. The Australian government has mandated that its agencies will only host accredited partners starting July 2022, to better manage supply chain issues.

Oracle partnered with Australian Data Centre (ADC) in 2021 to offer public Cloud services to government agencies. 

Why it’s Important

For organisations with existing investments in Oracle platforms, the company’s Cloud offering is considered a low-risk, quick and easy way to obtain the benefits of hyperscale Cloud. Through the accreditation, government agencies can now use Oracle as a government-ready Cloud services provider (CSP).

For Oracle’s other clients, the company’s regulatory compliance means that the services its users receive follow critical best practices in the areas of procedures, policies and designs. It also offers assurance that their security requirements are met by Oracle since it is more difficult to obtain government accreditation owing to practices that need to be demonstrated to conform to stringent standards.

While Oracle’s Cloud platform does not have the breadth of a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) compared to its hyperscale Cloud rivals, it may have all the services its existing clients need. Organisations looking to retain Oracle’s products should evaluate the Oracle Cloud platform from a financial perspective, as part of their multi-Cloud strategy. For instance, Oracle Cloud includes automated database tuning administration, so enterprises need to consider the costs associated with having trained staff to monitor the database, which could result in higher overheads.

Who’s impacted

  • CISO
  • Security teams
  • ICT strategy leads
  • Infrastructure architects

What’s Next?

Over the last three years, IBRS has noticed a significant mind shift in how organisations think about database infrastructure and, in particular, the Cloud. Many IBRS clients have reported that they are actively looking to embrace Cloud-native data platforms. The Oracle Cloud provides not only a ‘stepping stone’ for Oracle database customers, and those with Oracle’s enterprise solutions, but a potential platform for running containers.

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