The Latest

26 May 2021: Talend, a big data, analytics and integration vendor, has received ISO 27001:2013 and 27701:2019 certifications. According to the Talend, they are the only big data/integration vendor with this level of certification.  

Why it’s Important

IBRS has observed that even the most security focused organisations often overlook their big data integration and ETL (extract, transform, load) when it comes to assessing business risk. For example, when Microsoft launched its protected Azure services in Canberra, many of the Azure analytics capabilities, such as its machine learning services, were excluded from the platform.

The data being ingested into data lakes, be they on-premises or in the Cloud, will include private information on clients, staff or citizens, and possibly sensitive financial data. But more significantly, taken as an aggregate, this information contains patterns and insights that cyber criminals and state actors may leverage for further attacks.  The value of analysing data at scale to an organisation is just as valuable to criminals.

Who’s impacted

  • Business analytics architecture specialists
  • CISO 
  • Security teams

What’s Next?

Start by reviewing the sensitivity of information moving to the data analytics platform. Such information would be reviewed against the organisation's existing data governance and data classification framework.

Next, review the process of how sensitive information is ingested, manipulated, stored and accessed within the organisation’s analytics platform. Be sure to pay attention to ETL processes: both the technologies and processes involved. 

Finally, review the third-party (vendor) supply chain for all platforms and services involved in data analytics.

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