VENDORiQ: AI in Laptops: Microsoft Redefining the Computing Experience

Uncover the strategic shift in Microsoft's AI-powered laptops with a focus on ARM processors and AI integration. Explore the potential market impact.

The Latest

Microsoft’s recent announcement of the Surface Laptop, Surface Pro and the debut of a new category called Copilot+ PCs powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X series processors, marks a significant shift in the personal computing landscape. In this advisory, IBRS analyses this development and explores its potential impact on the market.

Why it’s Important 

The competition in the laptop and tablet market is fierce. While Microsoft’s Surface devices with Snapdragon X series processors offer promising features like extended battery life and AI integration, their success will depend on many factors. Observing how Microsoft navigates and positions AI-enabled devices against their competitors will be crucial in the long run. The announcement is significant because of the following reasons: 

Shift Towards ARM Architecture: Microsoft’s move away from traditional Intel processors to ARM-based Snapdragon X signifies a strategic shift. ARM processors are known for their power efficiency and mobile-first design, potentially offering longer battery life and slimmer device profiles in Surface devices.

Focus on AI Integration: The ‘Copilot+’ key for these new Surface devices emphasises Microsoft’s focus on AI integration. The Snapdragon X processors boast dedicated neural processing units (NPUs) capable of accelerating on-device AI tasks. This could lead to enhanced features like improved performance in AI-powered applications, real-time language translation, and advanced security capabilities. 

Performance Considerations: While ARM processors offer advantages in power efficiency, they might not yet match the raw processing power of high-end Intel chips. Evaluating real-world performance benchmarks will be crucial to assess the impact on demanding workloads. Microsoft claims that Copilot+ PC outperforms Apple’s Macbook M3 processor by 58 per cent, as Copilot+ PCs have dedicated NPUs that are capable of over 40 trillion operations per second (TOPS). Microsoft further claims the devices can also power up to three external 4K displays and come with a longer battery life of up to 22 hours.

Battery Life and Thermal Management: The promised benefit of longer battery life with Snapdragon X processors is a major selling point. Testing and user reviews will determine if these claims hold under real-world usage scenarios. Thermal management with ARM processors in these thin and light devices will need close observation.


  • Early Mover Advantage: Microsoft’s foray into ARM-based Surface devices positions them as an early adopter in the AI laptops space. This could give them a competitive edge if they can effectively address potential challenges like app compatibility and user experience.
  • Impact on Traditional PC Market: The success of these new Surface devices could potentially influence the broader PC market, with other manufacturers considering a shift towards ARM processors for specific segments.
  • Developer Ecosystem: The adoption of ARM processors hinges on the development of a robust app ecosystem. Microsoft’s efforts to encourage developers to port applications to ARM will be critical for long-term success.
  • The Future of AI Integration: The integration of AI capabilities in Surface devices with Snapdragon X series processors is a promising development. Observing how these features evolve and are utilised will inform the future of AI integration in personal computing.

Who’s Impacted

  • Students and educators
  • Creative professionals
  • Developers and data scientists
  • Remote workers
  • CXOs

What’s Next

  • App Compatibility: Ensuring compatibility with existing x86 applications remains challenging. Microsoft’s approach to addressing this, alongside developer support for ARM, will influence user adoption compared to competitors.
  • Performance for Demanding Workloads: Real-world benchmarks are needed to assess how Snapdragon X series processors handle demanding tasks compared to traditional Intel processors or Apple’s M-series chips.
  • Impact on Price Point: Competitive pricing will be crucial for Microsoft’s success, especially if app compatibility becomes a significant hurdle for some users.

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