As organisations strive to digitise more of their processes and services, several new roles are emerging alongside the traditional CIO role. A number of organisations are now considering implementing new CXO roles such as Chief Digital Officer, Chief Innovation Officer or Chief Technology Officer in order to accelerate the move to digital. Implementation of a CXO role alongside a CIO role presents multiple challenges, including role clarity and scope as the roles require strong collaboration, and can often overlap in a number of areas of responsibility. The CXO roles depend in many ways on the size and type of organisation as well as the strategic intent of the organisation with respect to digital. Careful consideration and design of the CXO roles are required to avoid confusion and conflict and to ensure that organisations deliver on their digital programs. This presentation will focus on the role of the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). It is intended to prepare CIOs to lead the discussion which may take place in their organisation.

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Philip Nesci

About The Advisor

Dr. Philip Nesci

Dr. Philip Nesci is an IBRS advisor specialising in digital transformation, Cloud strategy and analytics, cyber resilience and risk management, and large scale program management. Philip has an extensive track record as a CIO and an Executive in global commercial organisations such as Shell, Orica and China Light and Power, where he has orchestrated and delivered major organisational transformations enabled by technology. More recently as CIO of Monash Health and the Australian Red Cross Blood Service, Philip has focused on the Health sector and in Government leading a number of programs which have significantly reshaped the customer experience and engagement, underpinned by cyber resilience. Philip’s approach to strategy development and implementation is achieved through strong leadership and extensive engagement with Boards and Executives. Philip’s blend of business and technology experience across a wide range of industries and enhanced by working extensively in Australia, Europe, Asia and the USA, provides him with unique understanding in successfully planning and executing digital strategies to reshape business.