Philip Nesci

The Top Reasons Why ERP Projects Fail – Lessons From the Front

Numerous organisations are currently embarking on ERP implementations or significant upgrades. These large-scale projects often prove complex and challenging, frequently falling short in terms of cost, time, and business benefits. Why do ERP projects frequently face setbacks or fail to meet expectations, and what strategies can organisations employ to minimise these risks?

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The Top Six Risks of Generative AI

As the adoption of generative artificial intelligence (AI) grows exponentially and vendors increasingly embed AI capabilities into their products, CIOs need to recognise the risks and adopt proactive mitigation strategies.

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Time for an Ethical Framework for AI

ChatGPT is becoming a watershed moment in artificial intelligence (AI). Its rapid adoption and the myriad of developments which will follow are underlining the need for organisations to urgently consider adopting an Ethical AI Framework to ensure that the technology is not misused.

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ChatGPT – A Watershed Moment in AI?

The launch of ChatGPT heralds the mass introduction of a deeply disruptive technology which is now in the public domain. CIOs need to be on alert to its implications for their organisation.

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