The term people analytics is relatively new. It describes how analytics solutions may be used in conjunction with the built-in data collection capabilities of collaboration, digital processes, and human capital management solutions. The goal of people analytics is to support decision-making in the realm of employee experiences and workforce planning. In order for people analytics to be successful, organisation management must first accept and adapt to changes in employee engagement and experiences, especially relating to the impact of hybrid work.

Once management (at all levels) is ready to accept that new ways of working are not only possible, but desirable (IBRS calls this workstyle innovation), the challenge becomes one of how to successfully transform big data from the various collaboration, digital process and human capital management (HCM) tools they have into actionable insights through people analytics solutions. In turn, new findings in the data show how this can be used to impact the employee experience, skills and capabilities development, office space planning, and the talent pipeline.

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