VENDORiQ: AWS Partner Network Expands to Melbourne

AWS Partner Network has launched the Asia Pacific (Melbourne) Region to expand its availability zones in the country. What does this imply for Australian enterprises in terms of regulatory compliance?

The Latest

30 January 2023: The AWS Asia Pacific (Melbourne) Region was launched by AWS to offer data residency and regulatory compliance services. These local enterprises expand AWS’s availability zones, which are essential for a reliant Cloud architecture, especially for organisations that need to keep their Cloud footprint in-country. In addition, AWS announced that it will invest AUD6.8 billion in the new region through to 2037.

Why It’s Important

Despite the threat of a global recession and tech industry layoffs, all the hyperscale Cloud vendors are continuing to grow, and all are investing in new capabilities to meet the growing demand for their services. IBRS does not expect a slowdown in this demand and expects more availability zones to become available.

In addition, AWS is making smaller data centres – satellite zones in a way – available in Australia. It recently announced a Perth based facility. These facilities do not provide all the capabilities of its major facilities that make up its availability zones, but they do provide low latency, highly localised capabilities by state.

Who’s Impacted

  • CEO
  • IT teams
  • Cloud computing teams

What’s Next?

When considering Cloud procurement, enterprises must ensure that a robust Cloud cost management strategy is set in place. A Cloud Centre of Excellence (CoE) will guide the organisation when it comes to adopting the principles of good Cloud governance and risk management, and not just in procuring vendor products.

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