The Latest

8 Dec 2020: AWS has announced plans to open a second region in Australia in the second half of 2022. This venture will consist of three availability zones supporting hundreds of thousands of AWS customers. This promotes lower latency, enhanced fault tolerance, and resiliency for critical Cloud workloads. 

Why it’s Important

This is not a competitive response to Microsoft Azure, which already has several data centres across Australia. Instead, it is the result of Amazon's continuing growth in the market. AWS needs to build significant additional domestic capacity to meet expected demand up to 2025. Hence, doing so in a new location provides AWS an additional benefit with on-shore multi-zone resilience. 

A new AWS region in Melbourne will also fuel different organisation innovative efforts. Government, private organisations, and the education sector will continue to transform their research and development endeavours that aim to protect, prioritise and benefit people across the country.

Who’s Impacted

  • Cloud architects
  • Cloud engineers

What’s Next?

In practical terms, this move has little direct impact on most organisations’ Cloud strategies. However, it does provide an additional option for resilience for organisations that need to keep all data on-shore. 

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