VENDORiQ: Brennan IT Launches Digital Division for Australian SMEs

Brennan IT recently announced its foray into analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to cater to the Australian market currently dealing with an IT skills shortage. IBRS looks into the trend and how this benefits local industries.

The Latest

28 December 2022: Sydney-based systems integrator Brennan IT launched Brennan Digital after seven strategic acquisitions, which include MOQ Limited and Clade Solutions, to support Australian SMEs in their digital transformation journey. This new division will focus on offering data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and consulting services.

Why It’s Important

Brennan IT’s newly created digital arm is most likely to expand its range of services after it announced plans to further expand its acquisitions in the next 12 to 18 months when it won against Attura in a bidding war for MOQ Limited in August. This is beneficial for organisations that require AI and data analytics practices from third party providers to accelerate their adoption of digital products and services.

The growing number of local vendors focusing on catering to Australian SME’s demands for digital transformation accelerates the diffusion of AI to organisations that need to improve their capabilities in highly competitive markets where large enterprises have already taken the first-mover advantage. This includes areas such as decision-making support, predictive analytics, workflow automation, and business intelligence.

Who’s Impacted

  • CEO
  • Procurement teams
  • IT teams

What’s Next?

Identify focus areas of the business that require AI and analytics support and service delivery, and use the findings to frame the core requirements in any request for proposal.

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