VENDORiQ: Cameyo Launches Integration With ChromeOS

There's a new major player in full virtual desktops.

The Latest

In August 2023, Cameyo announced its integration with ChromeOS that will enable enterprises to offer virtual app delivery (VAD) services. VAD has the potential to eliminate the need for full virtual desktops, allowing access to legacy or Windows-specific software via web browsers (in this case, Chrome devices). The integration of Cameyo into ChromeOS streamlines app accessibility. Initial calculations suggest that Cameyo’s VAD approach can reduce the TCO of deploying digital workspaces by almost 50 per cent.

Why It’s Important

Cameyo’s inclusion within ChromeOS signals a significant shift towards more efficient and adaptable strategies in application delivery, aligning with the evolving needs and preferences of businesses. 

In the past, enterprises used full-scale, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions to provide access to applications. However, this development draws attention to the concept of application virtualisation as a viable alternative to resource-intensive virtual desktops, and therefore streamlined their access, reduced overhead costs, and improved resource allocation. 

Cameyo on ChromeOS offers additional, built-in options to deploy legacy and Windows-centric applications with the Chrome ecosystem, which is significant as many enterprises rely on such applications. This development aligns with the trend toward Cloud-first computing, allowing organisations to modernise their tech stacks while maintaining access to essential legacy tools.

Who’s Impacted

  • Enterprise architects
  • Digital workspace teams

What’s Next?

  • When revisiting your organisation’s VDI take time to consider options for VDA service. Legacy applications tied to Windows are being replaced with web-native solutions over time. As a result, there are fewer applications that require a full Windows desktop. As a result, VAD looks increasingly to be a viable and less costly option.

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