VENDORiQ: Cisco and Nvidia Partner to Offer Managed Secure AI Infrastructure

Learn how the collaboration between industry giants Cisco and Nvidia is transforming AI infrastructure management for enhanced efficiency and scalability.

The Latest

February 2024: Cisco and Nvidia announced their collaboration by offering simplified Cloud-based and on-premises AI infrastructure, networking, and software solutions. This includes infrastructure management, secure AI environments, end-to-end AI visibility, and access to Nvidia’s AI Enterprise software for building and deploying AI and generative AI applications.

Why It’s Important

Reference architectures from vendors that simplify AI deployment and management help reduce the burden on IT teams and allow them to focus on higher-level strategic initiatives. They also provide unified dashboards for monitoring and managing the entire AI infrastructure.

Enterprises must select the appropriate platforms with efficient AI to analyse data across domains and achieve real-time visibility, insights, and actions. It should facilitate scaling and automating AI clusters and simplify troubleshooting to better adapt to changing workloads and data demands and resolve issues much faster to reduce downtime.

Who’s Impacted

  • AI and data science teams
  • Development teams

What’s Next?

  • Consider jointly validated reference architectures that make deploying and managing AI clusters at any scale straightforward to cover virtualised, containerised, converged, and hyperconverged environments.

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