VENDORiQ: Equinix and Nvidia Partner for On-Site AI Supercomputing

Discover the implications of the Equinix and Nvidia partnership for on-site AI supercomputing, including enhanced data security and privacy measures.

The Latest

February 2024: The collaboration between Nvidia and Equinix introduces supercomputers to corporate clients, allowing enterprises to possess and oversee their Nvidia supercomputing systems instead of relying on Cloud-based solutions. Leveraging Nvidia’s high-performance InfiniBand networking technology and Equinix’s managed services, the systems are seamlessly connected, ensuring ultra-low latency. Through this partnership, organisations gain ownership of the systems while Equinix efficiently manages their operations.

Why It’s Important

Businesses that want to accelerate their generative AI solutions, but are limited by their infrastructure and lack of expertise, may be attracted to vendors who offer quick deployment options and access to relevant technology and in-house support. Equinix says the setup will help enterprises control and secure their data. This is crucial for industries handling sensitive data. They need to prioritise improving data governance to prevent accidental leaks of sensitive information. This can be made by setting sensitivity labels, finding more advanced ​​AI for addressing zero day attacks, and detecting information silos that can be a source of breaches.

Who’s Impacted

  • CEOs
  • AI developers
  • IT teams

What’s Next?

  • Set up working groups to review existing information management and privacy policies, to explicitly address the coming wave of AI and the type of information that it may access, for what purposes, and under what circumstances.
  • Conduct a thorough risk and compliance assessment before implementing generative AI in a private data centre. This should cover aspects like data sensitivity, regulatory requirements (e.g., The Privacy Act 1988 for healthcare, GDPR for European clients), and internal compliance protocols. This will help identify the appropriate security measures and establish whether the in-house approach is indeed the most suitable option for the particular application.

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