VENDORiQ: Google Rebrands Bard as Gemini

Uncover the strategic rebranding of Google's Bard chatbot to Gemini, offering enhanced AI capabilities and a new subscription model. Stay informed on the latest vendor activities.

The Latest

February 2024: Google rebranded its Bard chatbot to Gemini, powered by Ultra 1.0. The company also launched a USD19.99 per month Gemini Advanced subscription, starting with a two-month trial at no cost. Google claims these latest advancements offer better AI reasoning, together with 2TB Cloud storage, and future access to Gemini in Gmail and Google’s productivity suite.

Why It’s Important

After what Microsoft did in 2023 to drop the Bing Chat branding to Copilot, Google’s rebranding highlights its multi-mode capabilities by replacing its LaMDA language model. The previous model was​​ not powerful enough to compete with rivals like Microsoft’s Copilot and OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Google has yet to disclose what other specific functionalities or advantages over LaMDA its newest technology can offer though.

Google’s premium plan also counters Microsoft’s similar AI subscriptions and OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus. This benefits enterprise users who need user workflows through Cloud storage and productivity tools instead of just paying for an AI subscription for the same price. Once Gemini Pro is deployed on Android users’ phones, Google will better rationalise and monetise its AI tool suite under the Gemini umbrella.

Who’s Impacted

  • CEO
  • AI developers
  • IT teams

What’s Next?

  • Manage stakeholder expectations, especially for an organisation’s initial conversational AI efforts.
  • When reviewing AI claims, always ask for transparency. Demand answers about how demonstrations were created and how the predicted impact of AI was calculated.

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