VENDORiQ: Hitachi Launches Collection of Services and Solutions for Decarbonisation

Paving the way for more data-driven sustainability solutions.

The Latest

3 October 2023: IT service management subsidiary of Hitachi, Vantara, has announced its portfolio of sustainability solutions and services for decarbonisation goals. The new offerings, called Hitachi Sustainability Solutions and Services, offer data analytics and insights into energy efficiency, equipment power supply, Cloud emissions, and efficient IT architecture.

Why It’s Important

Data-driven sustainability solutions aim to provide clear snapshots of a company’s environmental footprint so that directors can make informed decisions on decarbonisation efforts as well as support public statements. In addition, data-driven insights can highlight areas for operational efficiencies, reducing waste and conserving resources. 

IBRS expects the demand for such solutions to increase significantly as the impacts of climate change result in both public and legislative pressure. Organisations will be required to show evidence of their sustainability efforts, building trust with customers and stakeholders, and in the near future, meet legislative requirements.

Who’s Impacted?

  • Sustainability officer
  • Infrastructure teams

What’s Next?

  • Review the market for ESG data capture and reporting solutions. 
  • When procuring SaaS and other Cloud products, evaluate the potential for net zero carbon services.
  • Consider investment programs that help environmental sustainability reporting and how these will be funded.
  • Look for industry associations and organisations that specialise in data centres and energy efficiency. They should focus on sustainable building practices and can provide resources, certifications, and trained professionals in the field.

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