VENDORiQ: Microsoft Announces Intelligent Insights (preview) in Microsoft Sustainability Manager

Learn how Microsoft's AI-powered sustainability manager intelligent insights can revolutionise your organisation's sustainability efforts by analysing emissions data and driving effective strategies.

The Latest

December 2023: Microsoft released a preview of Microsoft Sustainability Manager intelligent insights. This new tool uses AI to help organisations analyse their emission data by identifying outliers, trends, and correlations.  It can assist in identifying missing data and understanding relationships between different business aspects. It also offers functionalities like identifying significant emission trends and forecasting future emissions. The new release includes a redesigned home page for better learning, productivity, and access to resources, ensuring efficient sustainability management. 

Why It’s Important

Enterprises will now rely more on AI to analyse their emissions data and identify areas with high carbon output. This level of detail is crucial for targeted interventions using advanced analytics to analyse trends, outliers, and correlations in formulating more effective sustainability strategies. Automating data collection and analysis allows companies to focus on sustainability strategies and environmental regulations rather than data management.

Who’s Impacted

  • AI developers
  • IT teams
  • Sustainability managers

What’s Next?

  • When procuring SaaS and other Cloud products, evaluate the potential for net zero carbon services.
  • Consider investment programs that help environmental sustainability reporting and how these will be funded.
  • CIOs should review previous strategies for sustainable ICT, with the expectation that these will need to be updated and reinstated within the next 3-5 years.

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