VENDORiQ: Microsoft Viva Goals Launched to Better Connect Teams To Organisation’s Strategic Priorities

The Latest

31 May 2022: Microsoft Viva Goals was launched to offer better visibility among users with regard to their objectives and key results (OKRs), as well as their current performance, in line with the organisation’s goals. Its integration with Microsoft Teams enables users to better monitor, modify, and verify their progress towards personal and team goals. 

Why it’s Important

Employee experience (EX) management has become a huge industry as more enterprises desire to engage their workforce at every stage of the employee lifecycle. By leveraging platforms that deliver seamless collaboration that go beyond traditional online surveys, organisations can better uncover issues and realise opportunities to retain their talent. 

The move towards targeting human resources (HR) teams through Viva Goals is a welcome opportunity for Microsoft, which has been branding Microsoft Teams as more than a message and conferencing platform. IBRS believes that with the company’s revived EX strategy, it can better cater to HR executives that continue to work with the IT department in improving the collection of employee needs and concerns.

As noted in a previous IBRS advisory, ensuring employee engagement supports building more reliable social capital, which is highly essential for project success. Even with more enterprises adopting hybrid work, employees may still feel excluded when they find it hard to align with the organisation’s core values. As such, establishing structured communication with the help of digital platforms can help employees better align themselves with their goals and that of the enterprise.

Who’s impacted

  • CEO
  • CIO
  • Managers

What’s Next?

Leaders should give preference to learning tools that secure employee engagement through a unified platform that streamlines the collection and analysis of performance. Simply delivering learning content is not enough for true change management to occur. .

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