VENDORiQ: Nintex Expands Process Templates with New Commercial Enterprise and Government Agencies Use Cases

The Latest

7 June 2022: Nintex added more than 50 new pre-built process maps, automation templates, workflows, and connectors to its Nintex Gallery that are designed to accelerate the digitisation of workflows across private and public sector organisations. This comes after acquiring online process management library Promapp in 2018, to expand the company’s range of end-to-end automated business templates such as employee onboarding and invoice processing.

Why it’s Important

Since its acquisition of Promapp, Nintex has introduced a wider range of Cloud-based workflow solutions to help various enterprises realise digitalisation and automation much more easily through visual process maps. Customers find value in integrating the templates in a more cost-efficient approach, which encourages teams to find more solutions to streamline and digitise their internal functions within the organisation.

In addition, even with more low-code platforms being leveraged by citizen developers, the process still requires investment in time and effort to digitise all-too-common manual processes. However, the Nintex Gallery evolves such concepts by providing digital processes that can be adopted ‘out of the box’, customised to meet specific needs, and integrated with different organisational systems according to an organisation’s needs. 

Finally, templated processes are about more than simply speeding up low-code development with cookie-cutter approaches, since they can also be used to obtain ‘better practices’ (or even just standardised practices) across industries. This is particularly useful in compliance-heavy  sectors, such as local government and healthcare. 

Who’s impacted

  • CEO
  • Procurement teams
  • Managers

What’s Next?

  • When reviewing low-code platforms, consider the availability and applicability of process templates that promote faster compliance and prevent handover risks.
  • Use process templates not only as an opportunity for quick-wins, but also as an avenue to assist with training and change
  • When procuring a digital business process automation solution, pay attention to local support channels and the costs associated with gaining experienced, local implementation partners.

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