VENDORiQ: ServiceNow Enters Agreement with AWS

Explore the transformative effects of the ServiceNow-AWS collaboration on decision-making processes and customer experiences in the tech industry.

The Latest

February 2023: ServiceNow has revealed a five-year strategic collaboration agreement with Amazon Web Service (AWS), which will commence in early 2024. This partnership will involve hosting the ServiceNow platform and its solutions on AWS. The joint development of industry-specific AI-powered business applications to be hosted on AWS and listed in the AWS marketplace. New solutions will have advanced contact centres powered by AWS AI and ServiceNow digital workflows, Cloud Center of Excellence (CCOE) using ServiceNow, and integrations to support automotive manufacturing and supply chain.

Why It’s Important

The integration of machine learning (ML) and analytics into management practices is expected to bring about more efficient, data-driven decision-making processes and enhanced customer experiences. More managers will use predictive models to anticipate market trends, customer behaviours, and internal process outcomes. IBRS predicts that large tech companies will form more strategic partnerships to leverage each other’s strengths. Instead of investing in separate ML tools and developing custom algorithms, it may be more prudent to leverage existing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms and emerging AI and ML capabilities as relevant new roles will emerge, which will focus on managing and optimising these integrated systems. 

Who’s Impacted

  • CIOs
  • System administrators
  • Development team leads
  • Business analysts

What’s Next?

  • Look for opportunities to leverage AI (and ML) from existing investments in SaaS platforms. In particular, look for how AI is being used to make recommendations on improving workflow with low-code development platforms. Bespoke AI initiatives will be less utilised in favour of AI being added to already existing SaaS applications.

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