VENDORiQ: Meeting Transcription Leader,, Now Offers Two-factor Authentication for All Plans

The Latest

14 June 2022: Meeting transcription company has enabled two-factor authentication for all its plans to secure all accounts at no additional cost to subscribers. Users will need to enter their password and a verification code sent via an authenticator app. For US and Canada subscribers on the Business and Enterprise plans, they also have the additional option to receive the code via SMS.

Why it’s Important

IBRS recently published an advisory on the risk of exposing critical and confidential information from recorded meetings, stored by call recording platforms that lack security controls.’s added security layer is a welcome development to the growing number of transcription software platforms that have yet to integrate multi-factor authentication or offer it to all subscribers, instead of just those on expensive plans. With more software developers getting into the call recording industry, these enterprises must take a risk-based approach by adding security features to their Cloud infrastructure, such as implementing encryption on all recordings and limiting the ability of users to share the recording to other platforms, or download it to their personal devices.

Who’s impacted

  • End user computing/digital workplace teams
  • Cyber security teams
  • IT teams

What’s Next?

  • Organisations must set in place governance requirements that identify which enterprise meetings can be recorded, stored, shared and transcribed.
  • Enterprises must also review potential vendors’ security layers and only purchase recording solutions that support multi-factor authentication.
  • An organisation-wide training session must be implemented to ensure all staff are aware of the risks associated with the use of recording platforms.

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