VENDORiQ: Employment Hero Introduces 360-Degree Reviews

Employment Hero has launched its newest feature, 360 Degree Reviews, to elevate the enterprise feedback process. How does this impact traditional performance evaluations conducted in organisations?

The Latest

21 February 2023: HR and payroll platform services firm Employment Hero (EH) released 360 Degree Reviews to facilitate improved employee performance management processes. EH built the feature into its existing platform to allow employees to receive feedback from direct managers and co-workers across various business units. They can also track past and future meetings, access surveys, and review previous sessions all in one platform.

Why It’s Important

Platforms that include a 360-degree feedback feature are common and can even be accessed through free subscriptions. These offer survey builders, feedback management, response tracking, and even multi-language support for global teams. 

However, many enterprise teams now acknowledge that the 360-degree feedback process does not necessarily produce desired results citing concerns over the inefficiency brought by anonymity, employee resistance to an open feedback culture, and even the quality of data itself that is generated1.

Software companies that cater to performance management solutions must go beyond the traditional feedback process requirements such as online forms and trackers, and develop solutions that will restore the desired outcomes 360-degree reviews are designed for.

Who’s Impacted

  • CEO
  • HR executives
  • IT teams

What’s Next?

  • Develop a strategy and action plan to make the organisations’ workforce more open to a feedback culture.
  • Consider researching the pain points and opportunities for improvement from the people who will be impacted by the transformation. Your business challenges and desired results are made more credible when established using feedback from members of the organisation. 

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