VENDORiQ: ActiveCampaign Postmark and DMARC Digests Service Offerings

The Latest

24 May 2022: ActiveCampaign has acquired email delivery service Postmark and email authentication DMARC Digests to improve its sales and marketing communications features. With the integration of Postmark, ActiveCampaign users can send transactional emails through a drag-and-drop tool to engage more non-technical users. On the other hand, with the DMARC Digests feature, users can easily identify sources that are sending unauthenticated emails that result in DMARC failures. 

Why it’s Important

Email marketing tools are evolving rapidly, with platform features that support greater usability. In addition, allowing recipients to reply to transactional emails, such as Postmark’s feature, can help improve recipients’ engagement with the organisation.  

Similar to other Cloud analytics vendors, IBRS expects more mergers and acquisitions among customer experience automation firms. It projects more features using no-code technology to be integrated for a streamlined email building process. This will help marketers and non-developer teams to create, maintain and analyse their marketing campaigns while simplifying their workflows.

However, these drivers also mean that more email automation is on the way. In turn, this means more scrutiny of email quality, trust and delivery.

Who’s impacted

  • CMO
  • Sales and marketing teams

What’s Next?

Organisations should look at how their digital marketing can improve customer engagement. No-code/low-code platforms help cut down the time to build campaigns and also create better analysis of marketing initiatives. However, they must not only leverage new technologies and integrations that optimise each customer’s touchpoint, but also consider compliance regulations, customer analytics and engagement to accelerate return on investment (ROI) in lead conversion.

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