VENDORiQ: AWS Raises Total Local Zones in Asia Pacific to Seven Centres

AWS Partner Network has added Manila to its list of local zones in Asia Pacific, bringing its total zones to seven. What does this imply for APAC enterprises?

The Latest

11 July 2023: AWS Local Zones, an extension of Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure is now available in Manila, Philippines. This brings the total local zones to seven, which includes, Delhi, Kolkata, Taipei, Perth, Auckland, and Bangkok. AWS announced that Brisbane, Chennai, Bengaluru and Hanoi will be added to the list soon.

Why It’s Important

The growing presence of AWS local zones in the APAC region will allow more enterprises and developers to achieve single-digit millisecond latency for their applications, which is crucial for delivering responsive and interactive user experiences. This is particularly important for applications that demand real-time data processing, such as online gaming, financial services, or media streaming. AWS customers can deploy their workloads and resources closer to end-users in the region as well as create a hybrid architecture that combines local responsiveness with global scalability.

The decision to expand these zones is driven by market demand and the strategic goals of AWS. As IBRS suggests, given the ongoing growth of Cloud adoption and the sustained demand for AWS services, AWS will continue to invest in expanding its infrastructure in the coming months. 

Who’s Impacted

  • CIO
  • Developers
  • IT teams

What’s Next?

  • As the demand for AWS services continues, organisations will migrate their existing applications and workloads to the Cloud. A Cloud Centre of Excellence (CCoE) can provide expertise and guidance on migration strategies, best practices, and tools to facilitate a smooth transition. It can help assess application readiness, plan migration paths, and manage the migration process, including the selection of appropriate local zones for optimal performance and availability.

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